Crystal Lake Recreation and Camping


Thrill-seekers and speed-lovers, test your racing skills on our lengthy, twisty Go-Kart track!
Swimming Beach

Beach & Swimming Lake

Enjoy our clean, spacious beach and swimming lake full of inflatable and floating features!
Aqua Golf


Aqua Golf is a fun way to learn and practice the game of golf, and spend time in the water!
Wouldn’t you rather be camping today?

Welcome to Crystal Lake RV Park – your all-in-one outdoor recreation resource in Northwestern Illinois. With easy access from Exits 41 or 44 off I-88, the park is located adjacent to the Hennepin Canal Parkway and just across the highway from Centennial Park. With all that those recreation resources have to offer, the real fun starts right here!

At Crystal Lake Park, we offer 350 feet of sandy beach that is impeccably groomed on a daily basis, surrounding a lake where the word “crystal” also describes the clarity of the water. The beach rivals what you might find at many 5-star oceanside resorts, where you walk and enjoy that feeling of the sand between your toes. Our lake offers so much more than just swimming and sunbathing. We have a collection of toys that are designed to appeal to just about everybody in the family. Within 3 feet of water or less, you will enjoy:

• Four Slides • Water Mat •
• Rolling Log • Aqua Duel (with a slide) •
Plus a new toy coming this season!

Inflatable toys in the deeper water, requiring life jacket rental*, are some of our most popular water attractions:

• Water Trampoline (with a slide and log) •
• Aqua Tower (30 ft. long and 12 ft. high, with a slide and cliff) •
New toy coming soon!
* Life jacket rentals are $4.00 per hour or $5.00 for 2 hours

Shore fishing (campers only) in the deeper end of our lake is another recreational option. With a maximum depth of 32 ft., our lake is stocked with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and brown trout. It also supports a native catfish population. An Illinois fishing license is required.

Our Snack Bar will satisfy your appetite with pizza, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, shaved iced and more!

Overhead View of Crystal Lake Recreation and RV Park

Swimming Lake & Beach

Lovely beach and lake at Crystal Lake
Summer Hours:
7 Days a Week: 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Opens June 3rd 2017. After August 13, 2017 the Lake will only be open weekends until Labor Day.

Ages 11 and Up: $6.00
Ages 3 - 10: $5.00
Children 2 years and younger FREE!

Season Pass:
Ages 3 - 10: $55.00
Ages 11 and Up: $65.00
Family Pass (4 people): $200.00. Add $40.00 per person for more than 4 family members to an existing pass.

The Aquatower

Go-Karts & Aqua-Golf

Go Karts
Summer Hours:
Open 7 days a week.
Saturday & Sunday: Open at 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM or later.
Monday through Friday: Open 12:00 to 6:00 PM or later.

1 ride is approximately 10-12 laps. Must be at least 54" to drive.
$5.00 per ride

Want to REALLY have fun? Get our $12.00 Power Pass! This option includes a 1-hour life jacket rental for the inflatables, a Go-Kart ride for 10-12 laps, AND admission to the lake!


Canoeing on the Canal
Big Rig Camping
Our 2 year old RV Park is located right across from our beach, with easy access to all of our recreational amenities. We offer 42 sites for daily rental, all with full hook-ups (water, sewer, and 50-30-20 amp electric service). Wi-Fi internet is available. These are some of the BIGGEST sites that you will find in a private park, all a very spacious 55 x 65 ft. in size, with some back-ins and some pull-thrus. Our sites are designed to accommodate large RVs and are not ideally suited for tents. The camping area includes a new recreation building, a 40 x 40 ft. meeting room,  and both a laundry room and video arcade for all ages coming soon. Probably the best features of the new camping area are the 6 family-style bathrooms – rarely found at even the finest RV parks anywhere in the country.

Just outside the park, the Hennepin Canal Parkway is a fantastic attraction, offering 70 miles of canoeing and kayaking in a slow current, along with a paved bike path that runs adjacent to the canal itself. Need a canoe or kayak? We rent those for just $10.00 per hour, and we can shuttle you the short half-mile to the launch site.

Plan to join us this season, for the outdoor recreation and camping experience of your life!

Campsite Rates:
$45.00 per night (holiday stay requires a 3 night minimum)
$280.00 for 7 consecutive nights, electric included
$850.00 per month, electric included
$2,200.00 per year, electric NOT included

Combo Ticket: 1 Go-Kart ride (10 to 12 laps) and a jacket rental for the entire time of your stay: $10.00 per person.
Camper Fun Pass: 10 Go-Kart rides (10 to 12 laps) and a jacket rental for the entire time of your stay: $40.00 per person.

Price Includes:
2 Adults & 2 Children (17 & Under). Additional adults or children are $8.00 per night.
All visitors must check in at Main building and pay $8.00 for guest fee.
Price includes swimming at beach.
Combo Tickets and Camper Fun Passes for our Go-Kart Track, shown above, must be reserved online in order to obtain the special prices.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover
Please enter the following details exactly as they appear on your billing statement.
A Power Pass ($12.00) entitles its bearer to one go-kart ride, a 1-hour life jacket rental, and admission to the lake.
A Combo Ticket ($10.00) entitles its bearer to one go-kart ride and a life jacket rental for the entire time of stay.
A Camper Fun Pass ($40.00) entitles its bearer to ten go-kart rides and a life jacket rental for the entire time of stay.
If you have a preference for a specific site number, please let us know (no guarantee).
We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover
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Crystal Lake Park Recreation Campground Map
Camping Rules & Policies

More than 1 vehicle on site needs to park by rec building.
Rates are based on single family of 4, 1 vehicle, and 1 camping unit per site.
Check-in time is 1:00PM. $10.00 per hour for early arrival (if site is available.)
Check-out time is 12:00 Noon. Late check-out will be charged $22.00 per hour.
Quiet hours are 11:00PM to 7:00AM.
Any use of an additional tent is subject to approval.
1 picnic table is provided per site.
Do not move fire ring.
No use of personal generators.
Electric, water and sewer is included at full hook ups (daily rentals only).
Campfires are permitted with adult supervision on campsites only.
Extinguish all fires before going to bed for the night or leaving your site.
Entrance to Park is not allowed until after official check in.
Speed limit is 10 MPH.
Dogs are allowed, however, on a 6 foot leash at all times. No animal will be allowed on the Lake property.
Any animal being a nuisance will have to be removed from the property. No refunds will be returned.
Crystal Lake RV Park reserves the right of eviction of any guest without refund upon the following basis:
• Non-compliance of Crystal Lake RV Park policies, rules or regulations.
• Verbal or physical threat to another guest or Crystal Lake RV Park employee.
• Possession of dangerous or deadly weapons, firearms or explosives.
• Disorderly, immoral or indecent conduct.

Campsite Reservation Policy

Reservations accepted up to 24 months in advance.
All rates, discounts and policies are subject to change without notice.


Use the interactive Google Map to find directions to Crystal Lake RV Park!


Crystal Lake RV Park
600 East 17th Street
Rock Falls, Illinois 61071

Lake: (815) 622-5974
Track: (815) 626-7226
Camp: (815) 499-0520

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